G/W Mid-budget deck, focused on utilizing the "legendary" Sub-type, mixing legendary creatures with various "Support" Planeswalkers. Possible names: Legendary Super-Friends or Anti Bolas Coalition(since it's all the colors Nicol Bolas isn't)

Giving credit to what inspired this idea to the post by u/elimeno_p on reddit.com/r/spikes. link to post: https://www.reddit.com/r/spikes/comments/9yrf18/standard_9th_place_at_46_person_pptq_with_gw/

As stated in the original post, one of the main pay-offs of the deck is being able to exploit in most matches Urza's Ruinous Blast not only removing, but also exiling nonlan, nonlegendary permanents, leaving in the battlefield, to the most part, our permanents. And thought it could be a fun idea to build around and play with my playgroup of "kitchen table" and semi-competitive modern players.

As stated, not only I would like to exploit Urza's Ruinous Blast for my benefit, I wish to also have independent win conditions utilizing legendary creatures and walkers to support and buff.


Here, the idea of complementing Legendary creatures with planeswalkers that could buff my board state comes in: Most of the planeswalkers in this list already have some synergy as to when the creatures they are buffing attacks.

-Emmara, Soul of the Accord Here Emmara gets buffed by most walkers, having less synergy with Ajani Steadfast since he gives her vigilance which doesn't let her tap, and create a 1/1 lifelinker(neglectable), still with this she's potentially a 3/3 vigilance, firstrike, lifelinker attacking on turn 3, thanks to Mox Amber. Same goes with Elspeth, Knight-Errant and Ajani, Mentor of Heroes(a turn later), this time we have a 5/5 (flyer with Elspeth) that summons a 1/1.

-Shanna, Sisay's Legacy I feel she's one of the most versatile creatures on this list, yet, on her own, she's just a half Hexproof 1/1. Can get buffed the same way Emmara, without getting extra creatures that buff her. Gets buffed with either Gideon of the Trials Gideon, Ally of Zendikar creature transformations and AoZ's summon of a 2/2 knight.

-Brimaz, King of Oreskos A stronger, higher manacost, Emmara, synergizes well with the other walkers, not so much with the AoZ but does help to clog a bit the board and wait for other payoffs. 4/5 vigilance(^2), firstrike, lifelinker with Steadfast. 6/7 vigilance, flyer with Knight-Errant.

-Shalai, Voice of Plenty This angel is the hardest for me to play atm, in imo, even though she synergizes with the effects of other walkers, she does not work well in regards of her manacost since it competes with 5 other playables on the 4cmc slot. However her abilities are great protecting, not only giving hexproof to walkers and creatures, but also to ourselves; she generally makes a good lightning rod for the deck, and as a bonus a flyer and beater with help.

-Sigarda, Host of Herons Got it as a Box Topper in UMA unboxing and I want to show it off. Also a Legendary with semi-relevant abilities.

-Will address Reki, the History of Kamigawa later.***

On to the Walkers:

Gideons. -Gideon of the Trials Early game board control and Post-Urza's Ruinous Blast beater. Could potentially get a 5/5 with Ajani Steadfast or 7/7 with Ajani, Mentor of Heroes or Elspeth, Knight-Errant , however I feel it's not the best plan since it leaves you and the walkers vulnerable if they are the only thing on the board.

-Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Expands on the board, can get buffed by the other walkers but suffers harder than GOtT because of the 4cmc which competes with Shalai, Voice of Plenty, Ajani Steadfastand Elspeth, Knight-Errant. Also produces 2/2 knights and is a post-URB beater.

-Ajani Steadfast The more supporting role walker, on his own, almost useless. With creatures, he's great giving +1/+1 Vigilance, Firststrike, specially with Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Gideons and the angels. Also, hard to get to the ulti.

-Elspeth, Knight-Errant All around good complement to the creatures, tokens and Gideons, giving +3/+3 and flying, having around a 4/4 to a 8/8 with evasion with different evergreens and abilities works great. Also the 1/1 she produces can also get buffed and can chum block.

-Ajani, Mentor of Heroes Controversial 5cmc slot, buffs creatures, can get creatures and planeswalkers from the top 4 cards in the library post Urza's game redefining blast, irrelevant for auras, but if he's the only thing you have on board pre URB, it's pretty underwhelming.

Lifeforce of the deck:

-Mox Amber Works with almost every permanent on this list, free mana what's not to like, considering 4ofs', but 3 are working great as a burst of mana for a turn if I a have multiple copies in hand, however it can be a dead draw later in the game(free draw with Reki on board^more on that later).

-Board the Weatherlight Like a white Ancient Stirrings for an extra mana, but additionally to our creatures and walkers, it can fetch the Oaths, URB and legendary lands like Karakas since it counts as a "Historic".

-Oath of Nissa Simple legendary enchantment can be fetched by Board, fixes minimal mana for the walkers, but most importantly, helps to find the lands for the deck in the early game and beaters for the lategame.

-Oath of Ajani The most controversial slot on the list, its' synergies are not the best atm, can't lower the curve hard enough as to cast 2 or 3 spells in a turn, and also doesn't give enough 1/1 counters to creatures to give it enough value.

-Reki, the History of Kamigawa Main man Reki, might as well call him Reki, the History of Synergistic Value. Over %50 of the deck lets you draw a card when you cast them. Also a creature that can become a beater 2/3 Firstrike, vigilance, lifelink with Ajani Steadfast. A 4/5 flyer with Elspeth, Knight-Errant potentially as soon as turn 4, which admittedly isn't the best.


With the mana base I went with a mid-range budget. considering taking out the Fortified Village for 1 forest and 1 plains.

Now Karakas is the best land in the deck considering that creature protections are low on this list. Taking any of our creatures and potentially Gideons back to our hands in the face of removal at instant speed is value that shouldn't be ignored. Also higher in the monetary cost than most cards on the list, and also, not modern legal, so I would have to take it out if I want to bring this deck to any modern events.

Potential changes:

This deck also takes consideration the more modern competitive oriented list Mox and Taxes by The_Gunslingers. link to the decklist: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/instant-deck-tech-mox-and-taxes-modern-286104d8-7e08-49f2-b1cf-8cd004dcb523

Thinking of bringing in 3-4 Isamaru, Hound of Konda to lower the mana curve and add a faster line of play considering the use of Mox Amber as soon as turn 1. However I don't care for the "Taxes" part of the gameplan because I don't want to take away from the walkers "Helping" other creatures be great and reliable with them, and also, it does not synergize well with Urza's Ruinous Blast.

Also, 1 extra Elspeth, Knight-Errant for being the most versatile of the walkers in her mana slot, and 1 extra Board the Weatherlight that would substitute a land for a total of 22 lands in the deck.

For this change Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, x2 Shalai, Voice of Plenty could potentially be cut out to lower the mana curve, however the 2x Oath of Ajani would be the first to go for being the only card to heavily under-perform.

Now about Captain Sisay Imo, too slow.


Still not working on sideboard yet.

As I see it, the purpose of this deck is walking a fine line between a semi-competitive and fun/fair gameplay around the "limiting" restraints of Legendary rules. Would like some feedback/suggestions on other options or tweaks to achieve this.


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