To explain the deck. You use your draw/discard spells to throw anything you'll be needing later in to grave. I normally hit the refurbish turn 4 or 5 with GPG in grave. Then we start having fun. If you have the celebrant in grave, you reanimate and swing, declaring to exert him (if you have a minister on board, after the exert he will untap assuming you tapped him prior in turn, then before proceeding to next combat activate the minister again to hopefully get more celebrants in grave). Now once the celebrant is exerted you may take an additional combat step, so you get to activate GPG again, and with multiple celebrants in grave, you can get up to 5 extra combat steps! "So what you're telling me is that you made a STANDARD DECK that consistently hits turn 4 combos that include EXTRA combat steps?" Yes. Now if you know you can't win the turn you go off but have at least two combat celebrants on board, be sure to leave one of them untapped off the exert trigger so that way you can do it all again next turn. (Exert reads they won't untap but they untapped themselves). The SB has had a lot of thought put in. In this deck you don't want to side out of creatures so you must have multipurpose creatures. Chaos maw qnd cataclysmic for example are both boardwipes and creatures. Very nice! The Honor guard is something people at my lgs are questioning, and, well, I understand it stops my etb triggers, but it also stops hostage taker, kitesail freebooter, and energy cards from activating. And let me tell you; nothing sucks more than having a kitesail freebooter steal your refurbish and completely stop you. Or having a hostage taker steal your GPG. My worst match is consistently the esper GPG deck, and honor guard reduces it to a straight aggro match, which you win every time. And that's the deck! I hope you all have fun and remember me when you win your local FNM's! Feel free to hit that upvote button to spread the word!


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