My attempt to make a Jund EDH deck. Major goal, creature death matters, with a devour sub-theme. Also trying to keep it towards a lower cost end. Hence my terrible manabase.

Pit Keeper + Eternal Witness + [sacrifice outlet] is a repeatable loop.

Pit Keeper + Eternal Witness + [sacrifice outlet] + Deathbringer Thoctar for lots of daka.

Add Winding Constrictor / Ogre Slumlord / Corpsejack Menace / Golgari Germination / Death's Presence / Hardened Scales for even more daka.

I'm considering switching Thromok the Insatiable for something else, since he'll just be big without much way to abuse him. Death's Presence + an evasive creature, and Korozda Guildmage are the only cute synergies I have for the big guy.

Suggestions are welcome


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