Pretty standard Burn list... The one-of Stomping Ground in the main is just for the Destructive Revelrys in the sideboard.


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1 month ago)

-3 Mountain main
-4 Rift Bolt main
+4 Lava Spike main
+4 Rift Bolt main
+4 Searing Blaze main
-4 Searing Blaze main
+4 Boros Charm main
-4 Boros Charm main
-4 Lightning Bolt main
+4 Lightning Helix main
+4 Lightning Bolt main
+1 Inspiring Vantage main
-4 Monastery Swiftspear main
-4 Lava Spike main
+4 Monastery Swiftspear main
-4 Lightning Helix main
+3 Mountain main
-2 Deflecting Palm side
+1 Skullcrack side
+2 Exquisite Firecraft side
and 27 other change(s)