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A casual modern deck, the goal of this deck is: it should be solid and fun in 1vs1 and in multiplayer with the sideboard options! and makes the legendary creatures to big unstoppable hereos! (Example: Dragonlord Ojutai with vigilance from Always Watching (3x times in the deck) and cards for example Rhonas the Indomitable on the board is just amazing) so with other creatures and only good stuff happens to you

I would like to keep the three colors, because i never played this color combo before.

In the mayboard you will find cards that could be fun but are probably worse for the idea than the cards in the main deck.

Thx for suggestions and upvotes! :-)

Note:! Made a lot of changes for the deck at 15.08.2017 to make the deck even good for 1vs1, i had a multiplayer approach before.


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