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This is the first commander deck I built and I LOVE to play it. Aggro, in 2 of my 3 favorite colors (). It leans a lot more towards Angel and Demon tribal more-so than Dragons, just because I found the utility to yield a lot more value for me with those creature types.. I run a couple wincons, like Master of Cruelties and Hellkite Tyrant, which I try to avoid using unless I'm in a situation where a quick win is needed or somebody else needs to lose quickly.

I've been consistently working on this Mardu Kaalia of the Vast deck for a few months now. My playgroups see it as a threat, I want to tune it up to 11 though, in terms of stronger wipes, creatures with more card value, (not monetary) card advantage, general EDH things. I'm aiming to try and have the deck capable of answering my opponents things, whether sacrificing my fatties, counterspells against the Cleric herself, or not being able to utilize my combat damage properly. Open to sideboard suggestions, but please provide reasons. Also feel free to suggest a stronger ramp / manabase!

Edit After playing this deck quite a few times, I found that it wins about 75% of games in a 4 player pod.. Anymore players and it lacks a bit.

EDIT #2 Alright, Iona, Shield of Emeria has been banned. :( I did get her out with a hard cast, just once and prevented all my opponents from casting spells, they all folded immediately... I changed about 13 cards out in the deck, removing Dreadbore, Flooded Strand, Hoard-Smelter Dragon, Iona, Mortuary Mire, Overmaster, Reaper from the Abyss, Seething Song, Wind-Scarred Crag. I replaced them with Reconnaissance, Hellkite Charger, Archfiend of Despair, Blood Crypt, Godless Shrine, Sunbaked Canyon, Winds of Abandon, Bolas's Citadel, Talisman of Indulgence, and Thaumatic Compass  ...

Edit 3 This deck is ever improving. The more it gets played the more I enjoy it.. I'm loving the 2 counterspells I run, and I'm considering putting in Rebuff the Wicked for a bit more utility... Never enough counters but for now, I've removed Thaumatic Compass   for Land Tax, Sunscorch Regent for Kaalia, Zenith Seeker. (her ability makes a huge difference when I have my commander out, especially with a couple extra combat phases) Lastly I removed Sephara, Sky's Blade for Kokusho, the Evening Star. I happened to find Land Tax and Kokusho at my lgs recently and I've always wanted Kokusho!

Let me know what you think, I'm open to constructive criticism.


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