This deck uses Marchesas ability to bring back all our creatures from the grave that had +1/+1 counters on them when they died (including herself).

Some creatures come with built-in counters, others are provided counters via Marchesas "Dethrone Aura" or cards like Unspeakable Symbol / Mikaeus, the Unhallowed.

Sacrifice-outlets like Phyrexian Altar / Goblin Bombardment / Viscera Seer help us abuse Marchesas last ability aswell as the inherent revival abilities (Persist / Undying).

That way we can:

In order for Dethrone to trigger we have to make sure we're not the player with the most life. Pain lands / Necropotence / Unspeakable Symbol etc. help us manage our life total.

Since we don't have access to green we have to rely on mana-rocks for our ramp. I try to be active early on in the game so I focus on mana-rocks that cost 2 mana or less. Mana Crypt gives the deck a huge speed-boost but is rather expensive. Mana Vault is a little cheaper but can be quite awkward since we have no alternative ways to untap it.

It's a really fun deck that I've been playing for more than two years now and am constantly tweaking.

I'd say its powerlevel is somewhere around the 75% mark if you consider 100% to be the top tier, competitive EDH-decks that try to go infinite on turns 3-5.

Lately our playgroup has gotten a lot faster. To keep up with the tempo I'm playing a more aggressive version of the deck (compared to the "goodstuff-approach" I had taken before that).

To out-tempo my opponents I try to "go wide" with smaller creatures that benefit from the dethrone counters while abusing ETB-triggers.

Marchesa both provides my creatures with stats to hit harder while also keeping them save with her ability. That makes har a crucial part of the strategy so we need to make sure she can't be removed easily. We do that by by keeping up counterspells and by giving her +1/+1 counters while having a sac-outlet ready.

Cards marked as foil are the ones that I'm currently testing out or that could/need to be replaced.

The Deck ist constantly evolving - I'm always open for suggestions :)


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