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The win condition is to have Laboratory Maniac out and mill the entire library.

There are a couple of ways to get there:

The fastest way is to play Demonic Consultation , name any outside card (like Snow-Covered Mountain ). Draw library. Game.

Mid-game method is to play Parallel Thoughts and exile this deck's "power seven":

  1. Enter the Infinite

  2. Flood of Tears

  3. Temporal Manipulation

  4. Laboratory Maniac

  5. Omniscience

  6. Opt

  7. Spellbook

After these are drawn from their exile pile, play Flood of Tears , return 4 permanents to your hand.

Put Omniscience onto the battlefield with Flood of Tears .

Play Enter the Infinite .

Draw your deck. Then put a card from your hand into your library. There will then be only one card here. It can be anything.

Play Spellbook to maintain a no max hand size.

Play Temporal Manipulation for an extra turn.

Play Laboratory Maniac for win condition.

Play Opt . Draw the one card in your library.

End Turn.

Take extra turn.

Draw phase, game.

Shimmer is there to help protect from an opponent's counters by phasing out their lands on your turn.


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