Attempting Izzet Chaos. First Chaos deck and just kinda threw it together to see what needs to be done. VERY Rough draft right now and will be a project for me to work on. Any advice or any wisdom in this field would be greatly appreciated!

What I would like to see this deck do is simple. I want the board state to be a mess! I want random encounters to pop up everywhere. One person plays a spell Everyone copies it Hive Mind. New upkeep Windfall effect Teferi's Puzzle Box. You get the idea Randomness and Chaos is the game. Focus or you will get lost in miss out on all of the excitement.


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So aggravated a few people tonight.

Things got really chaotic with Possibility Storm, Eye of the Storm and Scrambleverse. New name for that combo is Eye of the Scramble storm!

Whenever someone played an instant or sorc we had to shuffle the whole board around. Things got pretty crazy to say the lease. After I assembled that little cheeky combo they decided that it has become Archenemy. One player finally got lucky he tried to Erase my Eye forgetting about Possibility Storm and still flipped into an Hour of Revelation in which I took a huge hit not having anything out except those 2 enchantments.

Over all this deck preformed as I was wanting except I had to few creatures to fort myself. Will be Pondering on how to fix the protection issue.


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