Welcome to the new age of burn. Gone are the times of slow spells like Lightning Helix , Boros Charm . Two mana is grossly inneficient when compared to the wealth of Lightning Bolt s we now have with Skewer the Critics being printed.

The deck is split into four categories: Bolts, Creatures, Card Draw, and Lands.


The basis of the entire deck. In most modern games, six bolts is game over. This deck seeks to maximize that possibility by maximizing the number of bolts. Also, in creature matchups, we have 12 bolts that can act as removal spells.


Since there are only 20 lightning bolt effects legal in modern, this deck turns to the second most mana efficient way of dealing damage: Creatures. A turn one Goblin guide or Swiftspear will typically deal somewhere between two and six damage over the course of a game, more against linear combo strategies that cannot remove or block them (such as storm or KCI). Vexing Devil, on the other hand, usually is just a one manna deal four damage.

Card Draw

We are already playing the most efficient creatures and spells for dealing damage in modern, but aren't quite at enough cards. The answer is Manamorphose , by rplacing itself in terms of both manna and cards, it usually turns itself into a Lightning Bolt or creature that we can immediately cast to damage our opponent's life total. Light Up the Stage , on the other hand is incredibly close to a one-mana divination in this deck. Our spells are so efficient that we are nearly always able to cast whatever is exiled. This lets us find the six bolts necessary for our "combo".


The most boring part of the deck. The 18 lands let us cast our cards without being flooded. The only notable parts of the mannabase are the one Stomping Ground for Destructive Revelry out of the board, and six fetchlands for deck thinning and shuffling the library when Experimental Frenzy is on the battlefield postboard.

The Sideboard Switcharoo

Most sideboard games will just involve a few intuitive switches to include the necessary hate cards. Against control and Midrange though we have a much more dramatic plan. We will take out every creature in the deck, with the exception of the two Bedlam Reveler s. Then we will bring in 3x Experimental Frenzy , 4x Nihil Spellbomb , 2x Skullcrack , and 3xCinder Lash. This slows down our deck considerably. However, these games are not usually about speed, they are about having more damage than our opponent can possibly answer. Experimental Frenzy helps with this, especially with Nihil Spellbomb cantripping us to the lands needed to cast it. This change also blanks our opponent's removal.


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