Control/spellslinger deck with few win cons. Grind till you win baby.

Tries to draw and pass turn most of the time and then influence the game at instant speed (with any counterspell, using Tasigur ability or permanents//sorceries if Vedalken Orrery // Leyline of Anticipation is online).


Dream Halls + any recursion spell ( Praetor's Counsel , Seeds of Renewal ) is great to get extreme value.

Dark Petition later in the game is a powerful weapon. Cast it, tutor either Demonic Tutor or Beseech the Queen . Cast it with the that Dark Petition gave you. Tutor for Seasons Past and use it to get back your tutors and more. Rinse and repeat!

Training Grounds + The Scarab God and Tasigur, the Golden Fang makes the deck very powerful at instant speed.


( Primal Amulet   + Swarm Intelligence ) + ( Villainous Wealth + Torment of Hailfire )

Most of the wins also includes abusing Time Warp

The Scarab God can end game on his own against some deck


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