Axis vanguard combo energy version.

This in order to substitute 4 Aether Hubs to 4 taplands.I removed the Solemnity from the sideboard (for 2 Hazoret)

Original here:

Axis of Mortality Combo


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This deck is Standard legal.

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3 months ago)

-2 Painful Lesson main
-1 Dragonskull Summit main
-1 Sweltering Suns main
-1 Canyon Slough main
+1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance main
+3 Live Fast main
+3 Harnessed Lightning main
-1 Fumigate main
-2 Stone Quarry main
-4 Lightning Strike main
+4 Aether Hub main
+1 Settle the Wreckage main
+2 Hazoret the Fervent side
+1 Sweltering Suns side
-1 Abrade side
-2 Solemnity side
-2 Chandra's Pyrohelix maybe
-2 Glorifier of Dusk maybe