With rotation Soon, I'm getting ready for it. Had some good plays with the new Gideon of the Trials and the new Glorious End card. Deck should win on turn four mostly, or turn five if you count Glorious End. The other cards in the deck like Scrapheap Scrounger go well with Bloodrage Brawler and Bloodlust Inciter Pick Scrapheap Scrounger get him later when you find a Spire of Industry. Lathun Hellion is very underrated card combine with Invigorated Rampage is very good. In one game i used two of them on Lathnu Hellion, Just let that sink in, my opponent was tapped out lol. Gideon of the Trials and Heart of Kiran go well together, Attack and block and use his abilities at the same time. Good solid deck, no one will be expecting the Gideon/Glorious End combo!


(First deck)

You can enjoy the nice view of the killing on the Flagship in the relaxing view in your own room. You will be treated with all the food and the exotic drinks till your heart's content. Why not go to the casino, where you can bet magic cards. If you are lucky enough you can win a flagship of your own. Why not meet our caption Gideon, He can even let you take over the ship. Like Drugs? try our new one we did our self's, Blood mist, it's super flavorful and super addictive with no added rage.

We have Bomat Courier Races with Fleetwheel Cruiser combat. They will fight to the death so place your bets.Ask us to upgrade them contacted our service team. Standard service: 86652738 39367527 veteran service: 838372 66867478

Want someone to be gone for good? but don't have the time to do it your self. Talk to our company Declaration in Stone for all your exile needs.

Need some Aethergeode? we can suppliy it to just about to anyone. So please ask one of our Aethergeode Miner's for assistance.

Check out our other products form our inventor's Apprentice: Built to last - Make that ageing stop for good.Lupine Prototype - upgrade that car to a v8 to smash the competition. Upgrade to Heart of Kiran for that Sky motor look.

We would offer a tour around the ship with our ghostly friend Selfless Spirit. but now since we lost our membership with Smuggler's Copter CO We have Peacewalker Colossus instead.

Cost nothing. Bring all your magic cards that are worth a lot. the more value they are, the more your life is. $2000 worth of cards is the right amount to start. Once you are out of cards you will be asked to leave.

We do accept loan's if you don't pay the ship back the Declaration in stone company will exile you off the planet for good. Miss Pia Nalaar forgot to pay us and was last seen on the Hope of Ghirapur.

There is no expiry time when you go on the ship. but you will have to spend a minimum at the casino each day.

Any suggestions will give you a discount on your next sign up.


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It's been a while since I've done and update. The deck has been going through some changes since the new set and getting mixed results. Hope you guys like it


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