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New Update: See Below

I will not be editing the original description here as much of the core concept of the deck remains the same

Storm is back- and standard legal. Well, sort of, by way of Thousand-Year Storm a 6CMC enchantment that gives all your instants and sorceries storm

We have one dedicated combo card in way of Brass's Bounty. Resolving a Brass's Bounty with Thousand-Year Storm will almost certainly result in an immediate win.Ideally, you can cast a cheap one-mana spell before Brass's Bounty, make 10+ Treasure tokens with two copies of Brass's Bounty, and play through your entire deck with help of your draw spells until you can finish them off with a Shock or Lightning Strike

As there are no creatures in the mainboard Shock and Lightning Strike will hopefully help us survive the early game. Once thousand year storm is out you should have no trouble getting your storm count up to 5,6,7 and directing one of these at face for lethal.

2 copies of Beacon Bolt, Fight with Fire, and Ral, Izzet Viceroy should be able to deal with larger creatures that may not be hit by Shock and Lightning Strike

We may not have Snapcaster Mage in standard but Mission Briefing may be just as good if not better in this deck; the addition of Surveil helping us find what you need and also filling your graveyard with more spells increasing the effectiveness of your Beacon Bolt all while being another cheap spell to help your storm count.

Opt and Discovery / Dispersal give you cheap card draw that can be used to help find Thousand-Year Storm early game as well as up the storm counter late game. Minor black splash should allow us to cast the Dispersal half, which while comboing has the potential wipe the opponent's board and then make them discard their hand

Search for Azcanta   is just an overall great value card. With the help of some other surveil cards there should be no problem flipping Search for Azcanta   early helping push out Thousand-Year Storm as early as turn 5 or just helping you search through your deck for whatever combo pieces you may need.

will be doing some testing with 3 copies of Crackling Drake in the sideboard. Because this deck runs 0 creatures in main, theoretically your opponent will realize this and sideboard out any removal spells, allowing us to bring in Crackling Drake. With no creature removal a drake can quickly finish off an opponent all its own. Assuming you go to a game 3, you can side the drakes out rending the removal your opponent just brought back in dead cards

Based on SaffronOlive's ATO decklist

small modifications to hopefully stack the odds more in our favor


Updates Add

Original iteration of deck went through two FNMs and and was quite underwhelming. (1-3 and 1-2-1) the next few times i played this deck i had included a 3rd Search for Azcanta  Flip as well as a pair of Pirate's Pillage where it preformed slightly better (2-2, 2-1-1)

Removed 2x Brass's Bounty and 1x Secrets of the Golden City in favor of Pirate's Pillage. This card is simply just more versatile. Before Thousand-Year Storm hits the battlefield it will help dig for necessary combo pieces. also has possibility of coming out turn 4 meaning you can ramp into Thousand-Year Storm on turn 5 and potentially combo off as early as turn 6. If you already have Thousand-Year Storm out. there shouldn't be an issue having 3 or four instances of Pirate's Pillage Treasure tokens are just an enabler to get you to combo off (note you do not have to discard for each copied instance of Pirate's Pillage) There will never be the crazy times where you get 100 Treasure tokens off a Brass's Bounty but its enough to get the job done

Moved 1x Firemind's Research to sideboard

Sideboard Changes:

Removed extra Ral, Izzet Viceroy Removed 3x Fiery Cannonade Removed 3x Crackling Drake

Added 3x Electrostatic Field I often found Fiery Cannonade I didn't not see much mono red (1 opponent in 12 games) ond saw zero token decks. Cannonade just didn't get the value. the 0/4 body also should help with many of the smaller creature from golgari midrange decks. the 1 damage ping is nothing to scoff at either; it is absolutely an alternate win condition in this deck.

That being said the original alternate win condition in Crackling Drake is being removed. the most valuable thing they ever did for me was trade with a Nightveil Predator: In addition i found myself being killed by my own drakes several times after they we stolen via Thief of Sanity The hope is for Electrostatic Field to pick up the alternate creature win con slot and see how that goes.

There was a single Firemind's Research mainboard before. there are now 2 in the sideboard. This card is only really good in control matchups and belongs in the sideboard i feel

Also throwing in a pair of Niv-Mizzet, Parun This card is so powerful and has the ability to win the game on its own. ith a Pirate's Pillage you should never be in a position in which you cant pay BBBRRR on turn 6

Biggest take aways so far: Learning a new combo deck is difficult; misplays aplenty. but also there are several prevalent hexproof creatures in the meta right now, most notably Carnage Tyrant that this deck cannot deal with and a Dispersal without Thousand Year storm may as well just be a 5 mana Unsummon. While looking for possible answers for hexproof creatures i stumbled upon Vona's Hunger would likely have to increase the black sources to run it. but there is room for 2 more of each check land providing a total of 8 black. No testing has been done with this card yet but would like to hear some thoughts on its playability


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