Updated for Ixalan standard.

The goal is to minimize the limitations of G-PG by casting smaller creatures with good abilities, making them a bigger body (4/4) with cool/problematic effects. This version of the deck has a bit more artifacts so Marionette Master seemed like a logical fit. (Also shows how versatile and creative you can get with reanimator) Reanimate a marionette master as 7/7 or fabricate some servos that chump for 12 dmg?!? Sick. Two marionettes out is win and people won't want to kill your artifacts... Sac Perpetual Timepiece to reload and that isnt even mentioning how problematic angel is. 4/4 vigi lifelink is good enough to bring more synergy with marionette. If only there was an artifact version of sacred cat! Try it out!

Always appreciate feedback.

- Sideboard -


Noxious x2, Marionette x1, champions x1 out... authority x2, sunscourge x2 in


Noxious x2, champion x2, marionette x1, angel x1, ixalans x2 out... spell pierce x3, duress x3, dreamstealer x2 in.

Temur Energy(and others)... mainly looking to rip out hydras and glorybringer...

Noxious x2 for dreamstealer x2... these are interchangeable...Champion x1, marionette x2 out... harsh scrutiny x3 in


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Spent this week refining my previous version with protour behind us. This comes up pretty solid. Still considering a Disallow or 2 in the side to counter gy hate like Scavenger Grounds... it usually ends up a 1 of in a few decks so it doesnt require too much attention (most of the time you can play through it cuz it slows the opponent down)


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