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Just your run of the mill constructed Spike looking to have a little fun with friends playing commander! I'm trying to do powerful things here but not have a consistent turn 3-4 kill like you see in cEDH decks. So there's going to obviously be better options or inclusions I could put in here, but I'm trying to keep this at a moderate power level that's still fun to play with and against.

Our primary game plan is to stall out the game, counter selective game breaking threats, redirect aggro on the table, and essentially "control" our opponents. Once we feel ahead and have our contingency plans in place we can close the game out with Elspeth, Sun's Champion tokens @ emblem or generate infinite mana with the Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal trick then pump that into a Blue Sun's Zenith or a Secure the Wastes. We can also simply run our opponents out of resources and win with planeswalkers or Dragonlord Ojutai beats.

So please feel free to comment with any card choices, ideas, critiques, or to simply say hello! Just remember though, competition breeds excellence!!!


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