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Swarm of Scarabs




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I built this deck as part of a Sealed League at my local store and am now working on fleshing it out. Green/Black deck is designed to utilize -1/-1 counters. Summon nest of scarabs or hepatra to gain benefits from laying down -1/-1 counters, while at the same time summon creatures and use abilities to place down -1/-1 counters and removing your opponents' creatures.



hanrahandh says... #1

I'd recommend cutting some of the 3 drops for more 2 drops, the curve seems a little skewed towards 3 :P

Also your removal is split evenly between Ambuscade, Hour of Glory, and Splendid Agony. I feel like Banewhip Punisher is a better choice than most of them, as it provides a body to dump counters on as well!

August 6, 2017 11:03 p.m.

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