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Ultra-budget: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Modern Aggro Artifact Budget Casual Midrange Mono-Black



(Hi everyone!! I'm trying to get back into deck building again with a brand new entry to my old Ultra-Budget series! If you'd like to help me get this new build off the ground, head over to Ultra-Budget: Dunwich Horror (And Friends!), check it out, and shoot me a comment with your suggestions!)

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Yet another entry in my ultra-budget series currently comprised of Ultra-budget: Baby's First Burning Legion, Ultra-budget: Jedi Training Camp, Ultra-budget: Midnight Onslaught, and Ultra-budget: Wrath of the Witch-King (which is now one of the highest rated decks on the site! What?!?!).

enter image description here(Pictured: A few Vampire Nighthawks (who said they ALL have to be dudes??) getting ready to make this the best worst, nope yeah definitely WORST night of your life! Not Pictured: You totally not caring.)

This simple deck was originally designed as a slightly more expensive variant to Ultra-budget: Midnight Onslaught - this one coming in right around $20 US. Like all my ultra-budget decks, it's centered more around fun with friends and being beginner friendly rather than being super competitive. It is still Modern legal if you want to slap it together for cheap and take it to your local game store for Modern night.

To make it very accessible to newer players (as a sort of alternative to starter or event decks) it was built around a simple Rule-of-9 concept designed to have a nice, smooth curve into some serious pain on turns 4, 5, and 6 where it looks to close things out with a bit more oomph than its predecessor. Also unlike its predecessor, it runs a bit more utility to maneuver around some tougher decks.

Deck Breakdown

All of the creatures in this deck are flyers, with the exception of Lashwrithe which is much happier being attached to Vampire Nighthawk than it is attacking on its own anyway - bonus, you can equip it for free and the next attack will get all that life back and then some. Use that evasion to your advantage.

  • Vault Skirge can be subbed out for any number of one drops really. I included him because Flying and Lifelink are excellent with the deck's auras and equipment. Drop him turn 1 and get that life back pretty quickly.

  • Tormented Soul is a cheap way to keep a constant stream of damage up on your opponent early. And if he gets his hands on a Lashwrithe or Wargear later in the game, he can spell certain doom for your opponent very quickly!

  • Gurmag Swiftwing's First Strike makes it a menace when equipped, and the fact that it has flying and haste means it can bring some impressive early game pressure. He's easy to underestimate and quick to teach you why that's a bad idea.

  • Vampire Nighthawk makes yet another appearance in one of my decks. It should be pretty obvious by now why. He just packs incredible bang for the buck. In this deck he really wants to pick up Lashwrithe on turn 4 to start swinging (and healing you!) for 6.

  • Abyssal Persecutor is a beast for the cost, but he can be a little scary. Fortunately I've built in some excellent fail-safes to make sure he doesn't cause you too much trouble. Grafted Wargear will allow you pump him up for maximum face-shredding then kill him anytime you want. We also have Rite of Consumption as a sac outlet that also heals us. And if worse comes to worse, you can hit him with Go for the Throat or Geth's Verdict to secure your victory.

  • Go for the Throat is of course also great for taking out your opponent's creatures. And unlike Doomblade, you can use it to kill your Persecutor if you have to.

  • Rite of Consumption functions as removal for the Persecutor that also does direct damage and lets us heal ourselves and trigger Tragic Slip all at once. That's kind of amazing!

  • Grafted Wargear is more than just a tool to kill the Persecutor, it's also an incredible buff that makes any creature in the deck a serious threat - 4/3 flying and lifelink on your 1 drop, 4/4 flying and first striking on your 2, 5/5 flying, deathtouch, and lifelink on your 3, and 9/8 flying and trample on your 4. Those are some seriously threatening numbers for something that equips for free.

  • Lashwrithe, as I said, is ideally used turn 4 curving onto Vampire Nighthawk for free where it will provide tons of extra damage and healing the turn it comes down. If need be, it can stay on the field on its Germ and slug it out as a creature that only gets stronger as the game progresses.

  • Geth's Verdict helps keep your opponent's board clear and the extra damage they take is gravy in an aggro deck. But again, you have synergy with the Persecutor in case you need to nuke him late game for the win.

That's it! It isn't a complicated deck with lots of super-complex interactions. It's just a solid beatdown deck with a smooth curve and a cool, evilly theme.

Hope you like it!


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