Feather is, in my opinion, probably the best Boros legend ever printed for EDH simply due to the amount of discussion she generates—and as it turns out, in practice she’s not half bad, either. While the deck can sometimes be a little shaky on the mana and its key synergies and combos aren’t the easiest to find (we are in RW, after all), once it gets going this deck can be an absolute HOUSE. And yes, it is fully capable of winning games.

The biggest key to this deck are the little cantrips. Cards like Defiant Strike and Expedite which are absolute garbage in 99.9 percent of commander decks suddenly become pretty good when you can rebuy them every turn and draw lots of cards at a shot. RW’s always dying for draw anyway, so this solves a big parts of Boros’s problems for us. Even cards that just scry like Gods Willing and Sheltering Light are a vast improvement over what Boros usually gets. A second problem is mana, and this one’s not so easy to solve, but having plenty of rocks and draw to make sure you’re on curve is important. Big shout-outs here to Pyromancer's Goggles and Primal Amulet   as excellent ramp AND spell synergy.

Depending on how the game is going, there’s two main approaches at work here. You can go the all-out offense route with cards like Overblaze, Onward, and Boros Charm to try to get in that 21 commander damage before your opponents can defend themselves, which is a primary way this deck wins. But if this isn’t viable, turtle up and go on the defensive. Cards like Intimidation Bolt and Glimpse the Sun God can hilariously prevent anyone from hurting you as long as you target at least one of your own creatures. The biggest winner in the attrition strategy though is Aurelia's Fury—with Feather, this card is absolutely busted. As long as you target one of your creatures with 1 of the damage, you can tap down all opposing creatures and/or lock your opponents out of casting non-creatures for as long as you can hold out. While you’re waiting for an opportune moment to swoop in for the kill, don’t sit on your hands. Young Pyromancer and Monastery Mentor (and to a lesser extent Spawning Breath) can help you start to build up an army. Repeated board wipes like Fell the Mighty and Chandra's Ignition give you huge leverage. Additional infinite combo opportunity: Dualcaster Mage plus a well-timed Acrobatic Maneuver lets you draw your deck, or a copied Twinflame gives you infinite hasty creatures. Fun!

The real MVPs of the deck: Mirrorwing Dragon and Zada, Hedron Grinder. If you’ve played Zada before, you know the drill: taking a Defiant Strike and copying it for every one of your creatures is some VERY nice value. And that’s not even counting even dirtier things like Seize the Day. And of course let’s not forget Sunforger—it’s always been good, but if there was ever a deck made for it, it’s Feather. Use it early, use it often.

And before you ask, YES, Feather has been confirmed to work with flashback cards. As if she weren’t busted enough, when you flashback a Seize the Day on Feather or another creature, the replacement effect can put it right back in your hand instead of exiling it. That’s nuts. Hence the inclusion of Jaya Ballard and Chandra, Acolyte of Flame: a Jaya ultimate or Chandra's -2 can mean you rebuy every card in your graveyard, and possibly kill some players along the way.


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