DISCLAIMER::: This deck is something that will make your friends, not want to be your friends anymore. It is highly annoying, but very, and i mean very, entertaining for the user. Please use this deck with caution. It is not recommended for pregnant woman, even though they are annoyingly controlling themselves. But that's aside the point. So ya...

Okay, now that formalities are taken care of, lets talk about this deck. This is a blue control, combo deck. It uses many spells to, as Vegeta would say, thrawt their plans, all while building up your resources to prepare yourself to combo off with either infinite turns, infinite draws, etc. I personally love this deck because I think to myself, what can I do.... well, I can do everything. I can say no to that, make that disappear, get rid of that. It's a fun deck lol.

So here is the breakdown.

Control:It is essential to know what things to counter. You want to build your board state while countering only key spells your opponents play and those that you in the long run. There are bounce effects to help put your opponents back several turns leaving you so far ahead. Do not play your general unless you are in a position to abuse him. The deck can win without the general, but he helps moves things a lot faster.

Draw: Draw is a key thing with blue, you always have to get to the next card, or have cards in your hand to react to something. Since hand size of 7 is so limited, its important for blue to maximize their resources using graveyard and library.

Mystic Remora, Rhystic Study ,can trips, my general, consecrated sphinx, Sensei's Divining Top, keep me going as I reach my goal of ultimate douchery.

Wincon: One thing a lot of people ask blue players when they get into their infinite turn situation, is how do you win? A lot of reluctant players will wait it out and see if you were bluffing with all your douchery. While I may be the douchebag playing this deck, i do believe in giving the crowd what they want.

The easiest win::: Mind Over Matter and Temple Bell. Yes it's in there, and yes it's so easy to just win this way. The main thing to note, no matter how you draw your deck, they are Laboratory Maniac combos.

The Funnest Win (_)::: One situation I got into was someone asking me that question, how do I win?, and then I played Paradox Engine and he just scooped.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, for some reason, if he goes off, they just give up... but it is mainly used to wipe the board.

Mana Rocks... Mana Rocks.... is how this deck functions. But I also included a good amount of ramp so there remains a possibility to hard cast things via lands.

There, that's my description of this douchebag deck. Are there things I need, ya... Probably should burn more money on fetch lands, just to be that super efficient guy. So i hope you guys enjoyed my description rant, and I hope you douchebags enjoy this deck!


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