Converting the old type of deck called "Rock" to Pauper.

The logic of the deck is more simple : use the anti creature and brawer to hold the game, lock the game with the discard, and implement your card advantage with druid / pulse / mortuary, afther this stage use brawler to go for the winning condition or to keep the pressure, Which in this case can finished the game with rats, or if some kind of bad scenario happen.

Updata Info

At tournament level the mana was failing a bit added another Foul Orchard, because of random effects. It will have a hard time for mana to fail now. Last grasp is very limited, since vs reanimators will not do much and small creatures can be control with the simian.

Boogles is not very used online but at tournament level is used. the tranquility's that don't do much online, is very needed for tournaments.

Not sure if dead weight is not replaceble by nauze. Since only locks like boogles, faires and elfs affect the deck, a slow decks like: affinity or U/B gurgmag can win a game with a fast gourmag but is not frequent. Since the lock affect this decks more.

Sideboard info :

Generic information on how sideboard cards could be use, for more detail read the meta.

Meta :

Torture Existence:

Use the elder to destroy tortured existence, blasto is a good card because they can come width a better lock, is not bad to go for some damage. And never happen to remove the combo cards

  • Blastoderm
  • Wickerbough Elder
  • Never Happened


Ambush Viper is a card specific to deal with this heavy creature type deck, in combination with pulse of murasa, can be very strong.

  • Ambush Viper
  • Wickerbough Elder


Ambush Viper The same was affinity you need to recicle Ambush Viper to kill more creatures. The mecanic is similar low anti creature, hit card and combo to kill. If they have no solution to viper/recicle can't do much.

  • Ambush Viper
  • Evincar Justice


Jaddi Offshoot or Life Goes On depende a bit on what they are using in this meta for exmple: Ghitu Lavarunner is more anti to use the jaddi because it blocks and it get's life.

  • Wickerbough Elder
  • Life Goes On
  • Peace Strider


Tron can be a bit of anti deck, since he's combos are stronger, capsize, thunder, or wall with flicker but with Never Happened if we can remove 1 or 2 pieces of the combo from he's hand that's game. It take to many turns to recover a bojuka bog + nothing happen.

Martyr of Bones is used to also lock, their turn since bojuka can only be used on our turn. But at this stage is not tested.

or card:1x Carrion Beetles (USG) To get the flicker once he use it, think is a bit stronger then the artifacts because we can get all the cards in a couple of turns.

  • Never Happened

U/B Delver

Predatory Nightstalker Can help dimish the advantage of gurmag. Blind Zealot is not that much effective since their anti creature can handle it, it will trade from Sideboard 1:1 and he come with Stormbound Geist for a 2:1 trade. The problem that this deck is anti, is gurmag is a zombie and a black creature so our anti creature does not work that well.

  • Never Happened
  • Chainer's Edict

U/R Faries

Is a bit hard to counter. Grim harvest or Evincar's Justice have dimished their advantage.

  • Evincar justice
  • Blastoderm

Blitz :

Blitz is a deck, that's is not that much played at tournament level and to win you need the right hand of anti creature and draw more anti creature. A good anti is usely "blind zelot", since their creatures do not have haste you cast it in your turn.

  • chainer
  • spore frog
  • Tangle
  • Life goes on

Since Blind Zealot does not affect many decks, we probably have to use Evincar Justice, because is used vs goblins and Blind Zelot vs Goblins will not do much.

Elfs :

Blind zealot is also good vs elfs to kill the large creatures, but depend since the deck already is strong vs creatures more Sideboard cards vs creatures probably not needed.

  • evincar

Jace :

Battlefield Scrounger , does not need to say much they will attempt to win by deck, and scrounger prevent it. It can be used in more decks, if things come to card advantage.

The deck move to the lock version which is already strong vs control deck Battlefield Scrounger , Sideboard needed this space for other cards since main deck already have many things.

  • never happen
  • evincar
  • wickerbought elder

Boros :

Blastoderm can steal the crow. Is the main Sideboard card vs Boros.

  • Blastoderm

mono black control

Symbiotic Elf is the anti card for their deck, don't know if the sideboard have space for it.

  • wickerbought elder
  • Chainer


We could go for frog, but they can bolt it or fireblast and hit for "9 damage". Tangle is the best card VS aggro decks, even if they flaring pain the tangle the creatures still be tapped for next turn. Give a bit of time to have more mana to cast rats and deal 2 damage to kill the small creatures.

Giant Scorpion or jaddi could also be used. But they have the same problem was frog anti creature.

  • tangle
  • spore frog

mono black Aggro or suicidal

Tangle is the same was goblins in here we could go for Spore Frog and have a bit more of control/lock of the game. Since their anti creature is not that much value was burn to goblins due Burn can end the match. But will not be able to have tangle vs goblins.

giant scorpiom, jaddi

  • tangle
  • spore frog


protected creatures with enchantments. Remove enchantments at least for the more dangerous. Deadhthouch for the hexproof.

  • Chainer,
  • Wickerbough Elder,
  • Ambush Viper

Land Destruction/Ramp/Acid :

The acid is the most versatible deck, since it can have several options, it can be a bit hard to counter. Land destruction depends a bit on how much land destruction the game start with. The deck have many land but still can be locked.

Groundskeeper if the sideboard have we can use groundskeeper but depends on the meta, in this meta think yes

  • Ambush Viper

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