My Playstyle

All the decks I've ever actually bought/built/played are aggressive, damage-centric decks. Just check out my Naya Burn Made to Beat my Friends & Handle Randoms and True Waste Makers. One of my friends though has a lot of control based decks. I decided I wanted to try a control deck that still had that sense of urgency that aggro decks instill in their opponents. This is what I came up with; not quite control, definitely not aggro, but rather...


In the end the only control aspect I really ended up with was the color blue... baby steps. Besides, couldn't you just think of mill as basically a preemptive counter? I decided on this archetype as a way to bridge myself more towards a slower style and familiarize myself with some cards in these unfamiliar colors. Also I had the one Jace, Memory Adept in my collection and he seemed fun.

Why So Few Creatures?

Honestly I like the trill of staring down at what would be a lethal board only to top deck that final mill spell needed to win the game when I pass the turn.

The Making Of / Fun Facts

When checking out some modern black staples I quickly happened upon Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek. For budget reasons I favor the latter; also I find the 'CMC 3 or less' condition to be a non-issue against a lot of the big threats in modern (at least at my local shop). A fun turn one is to Inquisition of Kozilek, hopefully removing a key element of their deck, then pay 2 life to Surgical Extraction and really seal that deal. When looking into blue staples I found expesive cards and cantrips. I like cantrips, they're a cool way to deck fix. Play testing an earlier version of this deck I found that draw power was lacking (cantrips don't gain any ground, just replace themselves) so I threw in the Visions of Beyond's and that REALLY helped.


Comments appreciated. Not sure I'll actually make suggested changes, but I WILL at least read 'em.


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Swapped the Inquisition of Kozileks for Thoughtseize as the combo with Surgical Extraction is far more potent this way; being able to shut down wider amounts of strategies.


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