This is a slightly competitive deck, running the Peregrine Drake and Deadeye Navigator combo, along with lots of tutors. If anyone has any cards to suggest, it would be greatly appreciated. Also any cards that would be viable cuts.


Try to control the board with lots of interactive blinkable creatures along with card draw. Eventually, you will get enough fuel/cards to either go infinite with Peregrine Drake and Deadeye Navigator, or with Brago, King Eternal, Strionic Resonator, and Sol Ring. If worst comes to worst, the deck can take more of a control standpoint that is also extremely powerful. For example Deadeye Navigator and Mystic Snake.


The reason I like this deck so much is the different ways it can play. Either it plays very slow and plays a land and a ramp spell each turn while others attack each other, or tries to combo off as early as turn 5, or simply plays interactive spells and card draw until it gets ahead.


I would give this deck a solid 8/10 on a competitive level. I went to a recent grand prix and tested this deck with people running the most competitive edh decks in existence, and still did quite well, pulling wins in 5/12 games-a solid win-rate for a 4 player game. Its power comes from consistency and versatility. With all the tutors and card draw, the deck can consistently go infinite, and can focus on a variety of strategies from game to game.


This deck will appeal to someone trying to build a deck that will offer complex gameplay, a lots of combos. However, these combos can quite easily be edited out and the deck will still be quite strong. This deck is not for people trying to build the strongest deck in existence, or for people who want to build on a tight budget.


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