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izzet Mimic pauper HELP!




ideally you start with Riverfall Mimic and Clout of Dominus in your hand, with atleast 2 lands, would be even better.turn 1: island or mountainturn 2: land & Riverfall Mimic turn 3: land & another Riverfall Mimic if you have it plus Clout of Dominus swinging for 8 unblockable, 1 of which is hexproof.turn 4: land & any one of your spells allowing you to swing for 8 unblockable again or more depending on the spell you play.

I would love suggestions to improve this deck, also would love to turn this into a modern budget deck so any card suggestions to get it there would be great thanks you. also help with the sideboard.



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This deck is Pauper legal.

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+3 Akroan Crusader main
-2 Izzet Chronarch main
+2 Impulse main
-2 Goblin Electromancer main
-4 Inside Out main
+4 Magefire Wings main
-2 Leap of Flame main
+2 Brute Strength main
-2 Wee Dragonauts main
-1 Nivix Cyclops main
+2 Delver of Secrets  Flip main
+4 Salvage Drone maybe
+4 Stream Hopper maybe
+4 Brute Force maybe
+4 Lightning Bolt maybe
+4 Impulse maybe
+4 Counterspell maybe
+4 Gigadrowse maybe
+4 Eel Umbra maybe
+4 Anticipate maybe
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