Hey its my other Land-Hate version of skred red.

Blood Moon: Its a realy good card against Tron and a lot of multi color decks. If its on board it is hard to handle for Tron or Control decks. (Against control / Detention Sphere) But if u have a Blood Moon on board and u draw onother dont play it. Its important to keep one in reserve if the moon on board is removed.

Molten Rain: If u play against decks with Cavern of Souls in it u will be very glad to have them. It's also good to remove the basic lands if Blood Moon is on board.

Sunset Pyramid: Gives this deck a solid card draw engine.

Ensnaring Bridge: The job of the bridge is to save our life total and our planeswalkers. Thats all i can tell about the bridge :D.

Chalice of the Void: Our opponent cant play spells now and we can build up our prison. But dont put it on 4 - we have to play Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Koth of the Hammer.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle: Its our secret win condition against decks were our Blood Moon is useless.

I hope u like it, cause this deck is very strong against a lot of decktypes!

I would be pleased for some feedback.

Your Opponents will hate this deck! Have FUN!



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