It’s a sacrifice deck!

To start, we have cards like Viscera seer, Carrion feeder, and Falkenrath aristocrat to act as sac outlets and gain advantage. Then cards like blisterpod and bloodsoaked champion can get chucked into said sac outlets once they are no longer of use. Zulaport cutthroat and blood artist are key damage manipulators, healing you and hurting your opponent while shenanigans ensue.

Mitotic slime acts as a sac-able creature, but not just any sac-able creature...This monster can be sacked 7 times! Pair this with zulaport cutthroat or blood artist while scrying with viscera seer or while buffing carrion feeder into oblivion, and you’ll get some nasty goop all over your opponent and everything they own. Then you know... you can bolt their face for game or whatever.

Thanks for viewing my deck, comment below with suggestions!


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