A bit of Bolas superfriends running some of my favorite cards and walkers.

Other cards considered:
Spark Double - Possibly over Evil Twin, I just love Twin's ability to lockdown a commander. Also, limiting myself to only my stuff with Spark Double seems rough.
Nevinyrral's Disk - Board wipe that leaves my precious PWers alone.
Nicol Bolas (creature) - This is more for flavor, but he can also be a finisher.
Thran Temporal Gateway - Alot of this deck is legendary or artifacts and there is a Saga tossed in as well.
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain - Same
The Chain Veil - the $$ cost is holding me back as well as me needing to get some games in with the current deck to insure I have PWers out and safe enough to run this. It looks fun though.
Rowan Kenrith - her first 2 abilities mean little to me, but her ult is perfect.
Rings of Brighthearth - doubling up on activations is nice. The current $$ cost of Rings isnt, but maybe in the future.
Dack Fayden - One of my favorite PWers. Cheap and steals rocks. Being able to filter for what you need isnt bad either. His Ult is lackluster in this deck, as I either steal or kill what I target.
Slave of Bolas - Fun card to steal and then sac someones biggest threat. Could be lethal.
Torment of Hailfire - Flavorful and can be strong, but gives opponents choices and may not have the mana to make it too useful.
Rhystic Study - Had it in the deck but cut it for other options. Does wonders early on, but is sort of a bad draw later in the game.


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