What happens when Naru Meha and Raff Capashen hook up?

ANOTHER QUESTION THAT NEEDS AN ANSWER. Recently I've played upon an infinite decent discovery in my first attempt at this deck with LOOP IT and it just needed some tweaking to...lift it off the ground. I love Naban, Dean of Iteration but some chicks would want to have a passionate summer-long fling with Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage, srsly. Besides he's the younger and hotter up-and-coming version of Naban, Dean of Iteration that Naru Meha, Master Cougar deserves.

Ok so this is basically blue/white historic, then it just gets fucking insane with a secret surprise inside.

At some point, after you have control of the board, and have a decent mana pool you're gonna do some trickery. First and foremost you're gonna drop a Bontu's Monument or have one in play. Then, you're gonna cast Release to the Wind and follow up with a Naru Meha, Master Wizard. Select any creature for the original cast of Release to the Wind. In response to the Release to the Wind, cast Naru Meha, Master Wizard and target the original Release to the Wind then with the cloned Release to the Wind target Naru Meha, Master Wizard, and then repeat this whole thing infinitely. With Bontu's Monument you trigger an "On Cast" infinite loop killing your opponent.

Of course a plan B is always great to have as well; and that's where the multiple win conditions are now present thanks to Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage, Lyra Dawnbringer and the rest of the historic backup. You got Merfolk Trickster for nice amounts of control, and a bevy of countermagic. Release to the Wind and Blink of an Eye are used together as one sets up the combo, and the other is just damn good. I tried to figure out a way to fit Naban, Dean of Iteration in here like I wanted, but Raff is just so good, so Naru Meha has to make a choice in this love triangle.

But that's only until chocolate thunder himself Teferi, Hero of Dominaria shows up and then it gets SUPER REAL when his Beyonce-esque wife Lyra Dawnbringer shows up and catches him in the sack with a bunch of overly handsy wizards. I won't even bring Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain the side piece into this mess. It's just too much. soap opera music

Walking Ballista is in the side board now; as a threat counter when you need it. Shalai, Voice of Plenty is a choice pick and great card. See my update for more. Flashing her in while Raff is in play acts like a counterspell.

I've selected Disallow over Commmit // Memory because fuck you, that's why. Disallow also hits triggered abilities, and activated abilities. It is a one-of currently. I don't like problems coming back; like unwanted pregnancies. Which reminds me, Teferi, Hero of Dominaria needs to improve in that department. He can be immortal, but his kids aren't? Bad parenting! Teach her the family time bending tricks, srsly.

Comments, considerations, and additions are always welcome. I consider this deck pretty much done, and strong as hell. The combo has been inserted into a...lovely sleeve...ok I'm done with the sex-magic jokes, I swear.

Update 1: You can also use Diligent Excavator in place of Bontu's Monument as well to mill someones entire deck instantly. It in fact might even be easier to pull off bc she is only two mana and a 1/3. The only thing is that you cant flash in the excavator using Raff, and she can die potentially. Ideally, at the end of your opponents turn you flash in the monument, then take your turn, then proceed to do the combo.

Update 2: Changing out Trophy Mage for two Treasure Map   is gonna happen because of draw power across the board.

Update 3: Dropping Walking Ballista for Shalai, Voice of Plenty b/c she has synergy with Lyra Dawnbringer and can be flashed in with Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage in addition she prevents Settle the Wreckage from firing off and prevents board wipes you cannot prevent with a counterspell. The absolute most you'll get out of the Ballista is a series of pings, or a decent sized walker that can attack. The most you'll get out of Shalai is your entire life; and potentially the game.

Update 4: Ok, after doing some playtesting, I've decided to lean off the combo somewhat in order to facilitate more tournament wins. I've lowered some includes, and moved others to the sideboard. Notably 1 copy Disallow and Walking Ballista are in the board for tough match ups when you need the extra control. You can board out combo pieces to face that threat, and when you can, you can swap back out to the combo if needed. I've removed Treasure Map   entirely because you need more control main deck to stabilize early turns, and while the map allows us to draw into cards, you need to be alive to cast them. I added Blink of an Eye back along with Torrential Gearhulk because there's interesting interaction with these cards, that can also include Release to the Wind and Naru Meha, Master Wizard. These are sometimes complex interactions, and far too many to list, but they can save you in a pinch, and even win you the game. Sometimes even targeting your own board, or a random permanent will let you in for a victory. I've increased Lyra Dawnbringer to three copies, and Shalai, Voice of Plenty to three copies because they are truly your air force, and win a lot of games. Shalai, Voice of Plenty really does help enable the combo by letting your board exist without harm, and being able to have her around means for some nice protection for yourself too. Again, these are competitive changes based on the meta as of May 2018.


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