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Mono White Monument



Mono White monument after the new set drops. with a new savannah lion that has conditional flying, and the vampiric version of nettle sentinel, and a 2/1 for 1w that replaces itself the deck gets a nice uptick in creature powerl level and a decrease in curve. The deck has 20 sources of lifelink creature, 4 of which are Legion's Landing   which are repeatable so there (shouldnt be) isnt an issue untapping Famished Paladin. The deck costs almost nothing on mtgo and less than 50$ in paper. The board is based on the current meta with ways to remove or blank gods for 3 mana, and ways to get rid of GPG. For Temur/Sultai energy the deck looks to go low and fast and then play the 2/3 Dino that flies to get in under their creatures since they are a bit bigger and slower to come out. The deck just wants to race everything in the format and it has life gain to break the Ramunap Red agro mirror. While Red looks to make it impossible to block and come down hasty with the reach of burn, the white deck has enough incremental lifegain as it swings and things like Sacred Cat to have lifegain + card advantage. Imho the match up against red is even to favorable depending on the draw. Energy is just about racing under their midrange'y creatures. The deck goes wide enough to grind out. And it is white so it can run solemnity in the board to blank their energy synergy and then its just a matter of being wider and alpha striking when the time is right. This plays like 8 Whack in modern, super cheap, and super powerful for its cost.


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Noting how many new vampires were added to the deck i decided to throw in 2 copies of Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle in the SB because it lets the deck go wider in grindy swingy match ups. not tested but its a card i want to try out.


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