This deck is perfect for anyone who wants to play an aggressive deck that's off the beaten path. Nothing says aggro like a deck that curves out at two. The power of this deck comes from its ability to flood the board with cheap creatures then swarm the opponent along with some powerful equipment in Bonesplitter . If you love having your hand in play on turn two, or trading your Thraben Inspector with Gurmag Angler , then this is the deck for you. This deck is cheap to build and has game against all of the top decks in pauper. Killing your opponent on turn 4 will always be a powerful strategy.

If you'd like to see how this deck matches up against other decks, you can follow this link to a spreadsheet where I have recorded my results against other decks in MTGO Pauper leagues. I will update the spreadsheet after every league to keep the most accurate results possible. I have started a new spreadsheet for post banning results, click on the first link to see those results!

Link to the spreadsheet for post-bannings:

Link to the spreadsheet for pre-bannings:


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I've added a link to a new spreadsheet to keep track of my league results post blue card ban. It can be found in the description of the deck.


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