This is the competitive EDH deck I built for and is hosted on the EDH General Tier List.

The basic gameplan of the deck is:
-Ramp into Omnath (via dorks, sorceries, and fast mana artifacts)
-Disrupt opponents with different Stax effects such as Null Rod, Static Orb, Blood Moon, Ruination, Grafdigger's Cage, and Root Maze
-Use Omnath's landfall to break parity and pressure opponents

The maindeck Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast are concessions to the Abundance of blue decks in competitive EDH.
The sideboard has cards that would all be good/necessary in the deck, depending on the specific decks in your meta. It is not meant to function as an actual sideboard (though you could tweak it to accomplish that).
The maybeboard has cards that could be good/decent in the deck, depending on the speed of your meta.

Notable Obscure Synergy:
Ghost Town + Burgeoning - In response to the Burgeoning trigger, you can bounce Ghost Town for an extra landfall trigger (it also untaps Ghost Town).


Updates Add

I updated the description.

The following is the old description, which hosted many of my thoughts from when I was building the deck:

Trying to turn this deck into a competitive version.

Currently hybridizing Azusa and Ruric Thar

I'm currently looking to see if Pod and Yisan have a curve to follow (especially with all the free tokens and mana dorks). (EDIT: They don't. Omnath simply doesn't have the time to mess around with slow Yisan chains)

I also threw in Kiki-Conscripts for TaN (This may not be a TaN deck though) (EDIT: This is not a TaN deck, nor is it a Kiki-Conscripts deck)

Looking at the deck more closely, the power of this deck is ALL in the enchantments. Because of this, I want to get them out as fast as possible. I am cutting 6+ mana enchantments (such as Warstorm Surge) and leaving in the rest. Doubling Season was cut, too, as it was a passive effect, meaning it was not actively winning the game. Parallel Lives is cheap, so I will be keeping it in for now. (EDIT: Parallel Lives got cut because I can only play 100 cards)

In order to deal with faster decks, I added a TON of hate for non-basics and artifacts, as well as the usual blue hate.

I just realized that there are still 41 lands. That explains why I am having such a hard time slotting in cards :P

Common kills:
Natural Order saccing a token and getting Craterhoof (EDIT: I just realized that I only have one Natural Order target, so I will be cutting it for Survival)
Triumph of the Hordes with Omnath + 3 Tokens

Looking at the decklist, I should add some grave hate beyond Scooze


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