My current mono black deck, erebos.

I picked Erebos for a couple of reasons:

  • He's cheap: No seriously, 4 mana for a 5/7 with no drawbacks? Done. A commander that comes out early and sits back as an amazing blocker. (too much white anti-attack spells in my local meta to make swinging worth it)

  • Hard to Remove: Indistructable is par for the course for commander anti-removal, along with hexproof. But you know what can trump that? Not being a creature. In multiple instances, I have sac'ed down out of devotion range to keep mass exile / bounce effects from hitting this guy.

  • All the cards: seriously, getting Greed as a passive from you commander? Worth it, especially coupled with the life drain this deck runs.

  • Opponent's can't gain life. I'm going to repeat this, because this is huge. Opponent's can't gain life. I've seen too many decks running the storm lazer as a win con, as well as token decks that survive from Soul Warden effects. this shuts them down hard, and can be recast.

Pontiff of Blight is downright scary. With 7 butt, this guy is tough to remove without direct kill spells, and as a black creature the options there are severly limited. Giving everything extort, though? That is rediculous. That eldrazi spawn token? It extorts. The dead Reassembling Skeleton ? It reanimates iteslf just to extort. The pontiff itself? It extorts. Cast 1 spell, drain 3+ life from each opponent, spend it to draw more cards.

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath , AKA; the emblem that nobody really cares enough about to stop. life drain a bit, then pop the out Vampiric Rites big brother.

Reito Lantern is a suprisingly versitile card. while more unwieldy than its predicessor , it has the option of tucking opponent's cards to prevent their recursion (and not having to worry about graveyard order).

Stronghold Overseer is completely unblockable by any other creature. it is the only creature in magic with both shadow and flying, but that's not why it's in the deck. overseer turns a massive dump of black mana (which, to be fair, is somthing that black makes really well ), and turns it into a black fog.

Puppeteer Clique with a sac outlet can pull out additional blockers, remove creatures from reanimation targets, trigger both ETB and death triggers, and is an all round powerhouse that gets sadly overlooked in most black decks.

Grave Pact has been a favorite of mine since I saw it printed in stronghold. Every time that it rotated back in standard and I was playing, it was my deck. The ability to turn a "downside" or inadvertant price into an offensive removal tool was the equivilant to weaponizing poop after a fiber binge. the only reason I'm not running the legged variant here is that 7 mana is a bit much for a combo piece.

Faceless Butcher + any sac outlet can become permanent exile for a creature - play, put targeted exile on stack, then sacrifice the butcher. Stack order resolves the return to play first (with nothing to return), then the creature is exiled. While not as repeatable as dark imposter, it makes up for it with suprise.

Hecatomb is a wierd card. While it is worded similar to "sac as an additional cost", it is actually a seperate clause. The downside is that because of this, a careful opponent can remove enough creatures to force you to sacrifice it right off the bat. Then again, sacing 4 creatures to turn all my swamps into Prodigal Sorcerer without squishy bodies is worth it.

While Sac effects are best directed at opponents who go tall (i.e., small amounts of big creatures), opponents who go wide (large amounts of small creatures) get to deal with -X/-X effects . As an added bonus, both of these options get around hexproof, protection, and indistructable, the most previalant forms of anti-removal for EDH.


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