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As much as I love using it as a cantripping speedbump against fast decks, Wall of Omens has finally proven to be too passive to keep in the deck. It has been replaced with 3x Thoughtseize to help my aggressive turn 1 plays, and help my chances against combo decks.

I'm also testing 3x Ammit Eternal in the main. The card has been tricky to evaluate. Ideally in that slot I'd love a BW variant of Baleful Strix , but alas other than Dark Confidant (which I don't love for this deck), nothing ideal is really out there. The Ammit can usually get in a few points of damage before getting shrunk down to an easily killable size. That said, a second Ammit hitting the board right after an Ammit dies can be really problematic for opponents. In order to shrink it down to killable size, the opponent tends to play out spells a bit faster than normal, overextending in order to deal with an impending threat on the board that chews through chump blocks. This makes the second Ammit, especially in combination with hand destruction and targeted removal, a more difficult problem to deal with outside of a Path to Exile or similar effect.


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