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The deck throws out tons of artifacts and kills stuff. Pretty straightforward. The deck has been doing pretty well especially against cat token decks and the resplendent angel decks but suffers against hexproof stuff like carnage tyrant. I'd like some advice on how to stop the big guys and keep on pumping out artifacts. The "win cons" are Karn and (sort of) the antiquities war. Any help and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated unless it's as useless as a paper mache bomb shelter. (BTW budget is no issue for the deck.)


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I have also thought that Gifted Aetherborn, Abrade, and Hope of Gipthur would be great additions to the deck. Gifted Aetherborn can stop big stuff like carnage tyrant and Galta. (P.S. Thanks for all of the suggestions and upvotes! Also thanks to SynergyBuild for helping out first, just a quick shoutout.)



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