I need some help adapting to the current meta, namely the arrival of Simic Flash decks of which my LGS has no less than 6 players, representing nearly 20% of the field. I am fine for the first few rounds, but struggle against them in the later ones. Has anyone had any success against the deck, and do they have any pointers?


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War of the Spark is now legal, and I have updated my deck with a few new tools to see how well they work. Sideboard will look strange for a bit, just hang on while I find out what works against the new meta to come. Some of my choices are personal preference, like Ugin, the Ineffable over Liliana, Dreadhorde General . Just rest assured that I will explain later in the description my decisions as to why. Just make sure to ask the question so I know what to address. Frankly, I'm just happy to have a creature based win condition again. Teferi decking and getting Kaya to kill them was taking too long and didn't have enough pressure.

1st reasoning: Playing 1 Ugin over 2 Liliana. Leaving aside personal preference (and the fact that I have the Ugins but not the Lilianas) I'm playing the Ugin because it is card advantage when the creature dies like Liliana, but also when the creature is exiled or bounced. In my own play testing with Ugin, I found that a Cry of the Carnarium could change from a 2-3 for 1 into a 3-5 for 1. I sweep the board of little creatures and "draw" all my spirit cards. With Liliana the creatures were exiled and so did not die to trigger her draw effect. Ugin's minus is also more vesitile against the unknown, taking out a permanent in any match up. While Liliana's edict effect is good against creatures, in the first match against a control deck it does little while Ugin could snipe a planeswalker or enchantment.


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