"Turning defense into offense!" - Brigitte Lindholm (annoying shield stun lady)

It's time once again my friends for yet another deck. Abzan was next on my list for color combos, and as I tried creating a deck with Ghave, Guru of Spores, which failed spectacularly, I thought it was time to try again, this time with a literal tree. Doran, the Siege Tower takes his place in the spotlight today.

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So i'm going to stray from the usual "Early Game, Late Game" thing for a change. This deck is actually a really simple deck that even a new player to Magic can get the hang of pretty quickly. This deck is a beatstick deck that can even mess with certain other beatstick decks.

A beatstick deck simply revolves around big creatures that hit people until they die. Our commander today Doran, the Siege Tower puts a unique spin on things however. By turning a creatures's toughness into their damage number, you can make use of many creatures such as a staple for a Doran deck: Indomitable Ancients. The reason to run this card, is the fact that when your commander is out, this card can basically be treated as a 10/10 when attacking or blocking, but it is summoned for . At the same time, Indomitable Ancients will not die to Wave of Reckoning, Slaughter the Strong, or Dusk / Dawn, which creates a lot of value. A likely wiped board leaving your creatures left to dominate.

The Ixalan set retouched on this idea with Belligerent Brontodon, Looming Altisaur, and Slaughter the Strong which is actually what got me thinking about this deck.

Really with this deck, the bigger the difference between the power and toughness of the creature, the better. This is because a creature with low power and high toughness will have a much lower CMC than that of something with equally high power and toughness (ie: Grizzled Leotau vs Archangel), which means, faster beatsticking, which means overwhelming power.

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Now another great thing to do with Doran, is to pack a lot of creatures with defender, then Assault Formation for the win. However, I felt a deck like that relies too heavily on the one card. This kind of Doran is certainly not impossible, nor is it a bad idea. Creatures with defender do have naturally high toughness, more often than not a power of 0, and usually a low mana cost. You just need to pack things like Assault Formation, Wakestone Gargoyle, or Rolling Stones if applicable.

While Assault Formation is in this deck, I mainly pack it as an extra way to use toughness as damage should Doran become compromised, and as a way to turn my Trees of Redemption and Perdition, into hard hitting monstrosities.

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One last thing to talk about, is how Doran can screw with other decks. His ability affects every creature on the battlefield, not just your own. This could be a blessing or a curse for your opponents creatures. For instance, a deck revolving around cards like Ball Lightning will be decimated by this deck. Because this deck's creatures are built around this ability however, there is nothing but benefits for you.

Well that about does it. This is a relatively simple deck that's a lot of fun to play. Hope you enjoy!

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