Once budget Zur deck that has crept a lot since I first made it. The deck has quite a few annoying combos in it. Demonic Tutor or Diabolic Tutor let me get any card in my deck, allowing me to tutor 5 times a turn, I get Strionic Resonator as my first grab from a tutor, followed by Sovereigns of Lost Alara, then Copy Artifact proceeded by Mirrormade for my fifth tutor a turn. Rest in Peace, Energy Field and Web of Inertia says I can't be attacked and I can't die via damage spells. Enchanted Evening, Greater Auramancy, Copy Enchantment and Avacyn, Angel of Hope says my entire field has shroud and indestructible. Phyrexian Unlife, Solemnity, Decree of Silence and Guile says I can't die from having 0 life and I counter every spell my opponents cast, letting me cast the spell instead. Enchanted Evening plus Helm of the Gods or Ethereal Armor (ideally both) make Zur huge. Enchanted Evening, Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Serenity destroy all of my opponents' permanents every upkeep. Thassa, God of the Sea and Necropotence let me see what card I'm getting before I decide if I want it or not. Phyrexian Unlife, Solemnity, Necropotence and Repay in Kind lets me sorcery speed kill all of my opponents.

Cards to cut:

Aura of Silence

Font of Agonies

Narset's Reversal

Obelisk of Esper

Reliquary Tower


Web of Inertia


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