Budget version of UR Delver (right around $50 with basic lands). Obviously not as strong without Snapcaster, but still a solid casual deck.

Playing the deck is very simple. Use the combination of burn, tempo, and control to keep your opponent on their heels while you ram a whole bunch of Izzet aggro down their throat.

There's some modularity in the Magma Jet / Spell Pierce slots. Magma Jet is in there to help keep the deck's consistency up with Scry, but it can be swapped out for your 2 mana burn spell of choice as it's only other role is to burn down your opponent and pump Swifty - I find the Scry 2 to be more useful than the 1 point of extra damage most of the time, especially since you're only running 18 land, the scry can help you hit land drops or set up an earlier Delver flip. You can also drop that burn slot altogether and run 4 Spell Pierces if you're facing a more spell-centric deck. Or if your opponent runs nothing but creatures, drop the Spell Pierces and run 4 Magma Jets/burn spells instead. Delver, Pyromancer, and the two hasted Prowess beaters don't care what you're casting, as long as it's fast!

And if you want to keep it Modern legal for a budget option to take to a FNM, you can swap in Opt or Serum Visions for Preordain. Preordain is better in most cases, but it's also banned in Modern, so make your decision based on that.


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