Threw this decklist together fairly quickly, open to all tips and suggestions!

With the modern meta shifting towards more of a midrange game a lot of the players at my local shop started playing abzan and utilizing lingering souls. Seeing how much of a problem even 2 flyers presents to a lot of modern decks made me want to look into a total flying build.

This deck is built to put board presence up fast and just get bigger and bigger as the game goes on. On the surface seems fairly vulnerable to hate and boardwipes but is fairy resilient. Either save your creatures with the sacrifice of Selfless Spirit, potentially counter with Judge's Familiar, or just let the board get wiped and churn brand new flyers out with Bitterblossom and Lingering Souls flashbacks. Even the weakest tokens quickly become 3/3s and represent a large threat as soon as they hit the board.

As mentioned above definitely looking for any suggestions or input. Thanks!


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