Saheeli Twin is going to be a dominant force in Aether Revolt Standard. Every deck I've made for this new set has had to be able to answer Saheeli and when the deck is just that good, I figure its time to join them. Here's my take on the deck. I'll be heavily editing it over the next week or two so I can get this monster ready for Game Day.

Lands will get put in once I have a better idea of the list I'll be running.


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I've played many a game online now and I feel pretty comfortable with this list. It digs extremely well, can successfully slow down all the major decks in the format and is capable of winning through a resolved Lost Legacy.

BG Counters is the roughest matchup and this one always feels like a coin toss. 4x Fragmentize in the sideboard really help in shutting down Walking Ballista and Horribly Awry is just devastating to the current meta. Anyways, this matchup really just depends on who has the better curve.

UB Artifacts is pretty easy to beat as they generally want to tap out for cards like Herald of Anguish or Tezzeret the Schemer but I could've also just been playing against bad players.

UR Amalgam was also pretty easy to counteract, Disallowing the triggers on Stichwing Skabb and the like really shuts them down.

BG Delirium was pretty easy to beat without them having Emrakul, the Promised End. Shielded Aether Thief bricks their T2 Grim Flayer and the current builds have trouble hitting Delirium without the Flayer punching through.

I couldn't find anyone playing the mirror but most of our Removal package can deal with Felidar Guardian anyways so I'm not too worried.

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