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1 land? Yea ... lets play some goblin charbelcher , BUT without charbelcher and burning wish, instead we play a crazy combo:

Get 7 mana, use Balustrade Spy on yourself, and then use Haunting Misery on your opponent if you have it in hand.

  1. Get to 7 mana, use Balustrade Spy on yourself, and with Conjurers Bauble in play you use it targeting Haunting Misery, returning it to your hand and cast it for the win.

  2. Get to 8 mana, use Balustrade Spy on yourself, play the Conjurers Bauble, use the Bauble to return Haunting Misery to your hand and cast it for the win.

Unusual winning:

  1. Get to 5 mana, use Balustrade Spy on yourself, cast Songs of the Damned getting like 20+ mana, flashback Morgue Theft targeting Anarchist, flashback another Morgue Theft onto a Simian Spirit Guide, exile Simian Spirit Guide to cast Anarchist, and have it target Haunting Misery, which you use on your opponent for the win.

  2. Get 5 mana, have a Conjurers Bauble in play, use Balustrade Spy on yourself, then Bauble the Songs of the Damned on top of your library, cast the Songs, and then complete the combo with the Morgue Theft and Anarchist stuff.So its faster then?Yep its faster and more consistent actually because you can use Songs and Bauble. In the end you increase a piece of the combo with no draw backs because Songs are often as good as Dark Ritual anyway, and Bauble ends up being a 1 mana cycler. Also things like Destroy the Evidence add additional redundancy, but at a cost of having dead cards in your hand.

Another wincon with sideboard is:

You Spy into Songs, then you use Morgue Theft on Pit Keeper and Morgue Theft a Blood Celebrant. Then you cast Pit Keeper targeting Cavern Harpy, cast the Harpy off of Celebrant mana, bounce your Pit Keeper and recast it targeting Mnemonic Wall. Then you use the Wall to target Songs of the Damned and you can make a bunch of mana here continuing to bounce the Harpy and Wall repeatedly. When you need life you bounce Mnemonic Wall and cast Gnaw to the Bone by actually getting it from the graveyard and casting it. Seeing as how with each cycle you get more mana than life this generates you infinite mana. You then bounce your Balustrade Spy with your Cavern Harpy targeting your opponent and milling them out. It is long and convoluted, but it works. These days the plan is to bring this alternative win condition in versus Azorius variants and Tron, or you can bring in Gray Merchant of Asphodel and instead of bounceing Balustrade Spy, you bounce Gray and take oponents life.

Sidebaord plan:

Everything that is very very creature Aggro bring in:

-2 Gitaxian Probe+2 fog

AFFY:-1 Gitaxian Probe-2 Street Wraith+3 Ingot Chewer

life gain decks(infinite milling):

-1 Anarchist-1 Haunting Misery-2 Gitaxian Probe

+1 Blood Celebrant+1 Cavern Harpy+1 Mnemonic Wall+1 Pit Keeper

Counterspell decks:

-4 Street Wraith+4 Duress


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