Here's my Esper Demonic Pact deck I've been working on for a while. It's gone through quite the journey, and is still in progress. Input is highly valued!

This deck is a basic Esper control shell with a Demonic Pact package shoved right up in there. This has caused a few compromises. What you want to be doing with this deck is to use the control package to survive through the early game to get a Pact Engine online. Here's a breakdown of the cards and how I try to use them, there may be other options out there I'm not aware of or other viewpoints on certain cards and I would love to hear about them and discuss it!

Note, counter-magic was a compromise I had to make. I made the decision, after experience, that I would rather have a hand disruption package than counterspells. The reason for this is that hand disruption is just better suited in the meta, and spells like Mana Leak quickly lose relevance in games (since this deck draws games out) and the deck isn't Tempo enough to abuse ones like Remand. Countersquall and sideboard Negate are there, so the deck is not completely without them. This current make-up was decided on after looking at the removal in the deck and deciding that it was enough, especially with Demonic Pacts damage option to reasonably deal with creatures, and to make sure that the counterspells present are hard counters to things that are more difficult to deal with. The discard also helps to throw the opponent's plans off balance early game.


Anguished Unmaking My kinda card, catch-all removal, but the mana cost and life loss make it difficult to run multiples. This can hit your own Pact when you're in a pinch though, and that is very relevant. The ability to get rid of a resolved 'walker is very powerful as well since the deck is poor at providing early pressure.

Countersquall Negate on steroids. Hits any non-creature spell you don't like while draining their life away (much like this hobby)

Esper Charm Utility out the wazoo. Instant speed Mind Rot, Divination, or a Disenchant. Once again, able to get rid of your own Pact.

Fatal Push the elderly's leading cause of death...that wasn't funny. Fantastic removal spell!

Path to Exile Kills any creature your opponent can throw on the board, provided it doesn't have hexproof or shroud


Damnation Board wipe, dope name,

Inquisition of Kozilek to strip away early plays from your opponent, don't be fooled though, they're expecting it.

Serum Visions What I would give for Preordain, Dig for answers, either for your own problems (lands or unanswered Pact) or whatever the opponent has thrown at you

Thoughtseize Strips away any non-land from the opponent


Demonic Pact Coolest card this side of Rabid Wombat. Choose an effect each upkeep, three of them quite powerful and one that's terrible. Blink this with Flickerwisp, Felidar Guardian, Venser, the Sojourner and keep its beats going on. An properly handled Demonic Pact will make every game a war of attrition that you will most likely win. If you lose to your own Pact, that's okay


Felidar Guardian a 4cmc immediate blink effect on a body that blocks fantastically and passes the bolt test. Not much on the offense though.

Flickerwisp Killer of tokens, resetter of Pacts. Extremely powerful card

Linvala, the Preserver A great angel with upsides. Odds are you'll be in a position to benefit from her triggers when she hits the battlefield, and is also a wonderful blink target

Obzedat, Ghost Council Just trying this out. Diversity in threats is pretty important, and Ghost dad seems powerful


Venser, the Sojourner the best bro you got to reset those Demonic Pacts or make some mean Flickerwisp plays. His -1 isn't usually relevant.


Anguished Unmaking an additional copy, great to bring in against decks where the normal removal is lackluster

Collective Brutality Multiple choices for multiple situations, a Duress, Disfigure, and/or mini Alms of the Vein, great burn hoser

Countersquall and Negate are for more controlling matchups or combo decks.

Liliana's Defeat I'm interested in this one. It kills Death's Shadow, Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Gurmag Angler, Liliana of the Veil and so many others. I think it deserves a chance

Liliana, the Last Hope been wanting to try this one out. Can rebuy a discarded or destroyed flicker creature, and lay waste to dorks and aggro creatures.

Merciless Eviction Targeted board removal. Great to bring in against other rogue decks.

Nyx-Fleece Ram big booty space sheep. Great anti-aggro tech,with the upside of providing another target for Dromoka's Command and Destructive Revelry.

Rest in Peace and Stony Silence should be rather self-explanatory


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