(Hi everyone!! I'm trying to get back into deck building again with a brand new entry to my old Ultra-Budget series! If you'd like to help me get this new build off the ground, head over to Ultra-Budget: Dunwich Horror (And Friends!), check it out, and shoot me a comment with your suggestions!)

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Be Advised: This deck is best played while making constant humming lightsaber sounds with your mouth. Take a moment to practice now before reading on.

(Also Note: For ultimate nerd lulz, pit this deck against my ultra-budget mono-black deck, Ultra-budget: Wrath of the Witch-King, to have the Witch King of Angmar go toe-to-toe with an army of Jedi!)

Here is yet another entry in my ultra-budget deck series (Ultra-budget: Bramblewood Fight Club, Ultra-budget: Heroes of the Hollow, Ultra-budget: Baby's First Burning Legion, Ultra-budget: Midnight Onslaught, Ultra-budget: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and Ultra-budget: Wrath of the Witch-King). Like the others, this deck is designed to be cheap and effective fun around the kitchen table with your friends. In its current form, the whole deck runs about $17 US and less than a single ticket for MTGO. As always, it's Modern legal just in case you want to slap it together to take to Modern night at your local gaming store. Just don't expect it to take down any serious competitive decks. These decks make excellent starter decks for beginners (as an alternative to the actual starter or event decks from Wizards) and are great against one another.

Another user, Azden requested that I make one of these in mono-white, so that's where this came from. This deck is built around a simple Rule-of-9 concept, slightly modified down to 22 lands, so it's very consistent and easy to work with. The goal of the deck is fairly simple - utilize your tools to take control of the battlefield, get your Graceblade Artisan down, enchant it up, and then go Jedi on your opponent's ass!

 photo 6827383467_38cb77135d_o.gif(Pictured: A couple of Graceblade Artisan s warming up before they unload a great big pile of ass-whoopin' on your friends!)

Killer Combo

Graceblade Artisan + Battle Mastery + Ethereal Armor = a minimum 8/9 double striker on turn 4. Spirit Mantle turn 5 to make that a minimum 12/13 and unblockable! That's easily good game without removal, so keep an Emerge Unscathed chambered for the save.

Deck Breakdown

Your Graceblade Artisan starts out as a mere Padawan. It's up to you to use your spells to train her into a full-fledged ass kicking Jedi before the evil Sith your opponent defeats you!

  • Hopeful Eidolon is a solid 1 drop on its own. If nothing else, you can enchant it up and get some serious lifegain. Ideally though, you'll use this to Bestow onto your Graceblade for maximum benefit. Conjure the spirits of the Force to aid you in combat, draw strength from their power.

  • Hero of Iroas there are so many Auras in this deck, including the Bestows that this guy's ability to make them cheaper is irreplaceable. And now that he's out of Standard, he's much cheaper than he was when I first designed this deck!. Feel the Force flow through you and you will grow stronger than ever before.

  • Phalanx Leader thrives in any environment where there's a lot of spells that target creatures. Hit him with an enchantment or two, or even an Emerge Unscathed and you can easily up the threat level on your entire field. Just pretend he's wearing a brown robe and that spear is glowing. Follow your Master's instructions and you'll grow stronger.

  • Eidolon of Countless Battles is crazy good in any creature deck that features Auras. And since this deck features A LOT of Auras, he's more than welcome in this decklist. He's powerful on his own, but he can also function as another very powerful Aura to put on your Graceblade to add more triggers of her ability. Never forget those that came before you, their wisdom makes you stronger.

  • Graceblade Artisan is obviously the focal point of this deck. She not only brings the awesome Jedi flavor, but she also becomes incredibly powerful with just a few enchantments. Get her out, pump her up, protect her, and watch the bodies fly. Every Jedi Master was once a Padawan.

  • Battle Mastery is a massive pump for your Jedi. With just this, she swings for 8, protects herself with first strike, and has 5 toughness. It's a little costly, but it's worth it. Lightsabers aren't that heavy. Turn your grip, plant your feet, and bring your blade back across.

  • Spirit Mantle is here to make your Graceblade as untouchable in combat as a true Jedi. It pumps her up, allows her to block with impunity, and when she attacks, she's completely unblockable. This makes for a killer combo with Battle Mastery where she'd be swinging for 14 unblockable. Those adorable little midichlorian things won't let anyone near you.

  • Indestructibility Getting this down on your Artisan... er... Jedi... means your opponent is going to have a very hard time getting rid of them! The Force will protect you.

  • Ethereal Armor should be pretty self-explanatory here. There are so many enchantments, including a handful of creatures, that this thing is going to pump for A LOT very quickly. First strike is, of course, always welcome. Your training never ends, you can always get better.

  • Emerge Unscathed finishes out the deck as a way to protect your bombs from removal. Your Graceblade is going to become a massive target very quickly, so keep these in hand to protect her so she can score you the win, or to make her unblockable when going for the kill. And the rebound is great for additional turns of protection, unblockablility, and heroic triggers! When in doubt, pray... er, uh... meditate! Who are we kidding? Just hope luck is on your side.

That's it. Another nice and simple deck. Hope you liked it! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just general comments, definitely post them below. I'm happy to chat!


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