With Edgar Markov as the commander, you can create an army of vampire tokens that can also be buffed. Tokens always do the trick when blocking!! There is also plenty of buffing other vampire creatures, life gain (for me) and life loss (for opponents) and ramp to get creatures out as quick as possible. The main purpose of this deck is to continually ping opponents' life totals while I gradually increase mine.

Red doesn't always fit the vampire tribe, which is why it is so scarce in the deck, but I couldn't pass up using the "free" token ability of Edgar Markov as the commander. While the creatures lack red, I tried to put in more noncreature spells that included red. If you know of anyway better to distribute my mana or more beneficial ways to include red in the deck please feel free to let me know.

There is one wincon in this deck that involves Bantu's Monument, Phyrexian Altar and Oathsworn Vampire. With Bantu's Monument and Phyrexian Altar out on the battlefield I can cast Oathsworn Vampire, even from the graveyard under the right circumstances. Sacrificing Oathsworn Vampire to Phyrexian Altar creates one black mana. I can then recast Oathsworn Vampire, this time from my graveyard, using only that one black mana. Then everyone loses one life and I will gain a life. I can repeat this process over and over until all my opponents are dead.

If you have any ideas or criticism feel free to let me know what you think of the current deck or what you would do differently. All comments are much appreciated.


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