Hug / stax pillow fort mill deck in the works. The duals can be replaced with ping fetches and/or shocks. Win con is turtle Aetherflux or mill while preventing your opponents from attacking you or being able to use utility. This deck is tons of fun to play.... for you :)

There is plenty of graveyard hate to mess up players that rely on GY interaction since you'll be wheeling. Aetherflux can kill 1-2 people after 1 Beacon and everyone after a 2nd Beacon. YOU'RE GOING TO GET TARGETED A LOT :) Glacial Chasm has plenty of life to donate as you'll likely keep drawing into more Beacons. Sphinx's Rev fills the HP pool and hand size back up. Use Crucible to juggle Chasm when the counters get too high if Solemnity isn't out yet.

The main win con is to cast an uncounterable heavy mana Mind Grind or Flux. Leyline of the Void or other GY hate helps with anti-mill cards like Kozi / Uli. Use Elixir, Time, Wheel of Sun, or Day's Undoing to reshuffle your graveyard if you wheel a win con earlier in the game.

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