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Elrond's Army 4rth turn INFINITE Elf Warrior Token

Modern Aggro



Hi there! Here you can see this tribal elf deck with come classic combos. It's great for play with friends and laught a lot when they faces change agonicly. Enjoy and if you have any suggestions go on

The key combos are:-Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond Produces infinite elf warrior token 1/1, and if you have Essence Warden in game, you'll have lots of lifes. Also Jagged-Scar Archers will grow a lot.

Once you have some elves on the table, it's time to use the hability of Elvish Archdruid for having lots of mana for multikick Joraga Warcaller and have a great army of elves that pump between theirselfs with a great affinity for steroids

The Ideal play its this:Turn 1 Forest and Llanowar ElvesTurn 2 Forest and Champion of LambholtTurn 3 Plains and Midnight GuardTurn 4 Forest and Presence of Gond to the Midnight Guard and get your army out. How many tokens you get out, more will pump the Champion of Lambholt and no one will stop you.

In 4 turns Can be over, but if you want to win right can pump them to the end with the rest of the elves on battlefield or simply play the Coat of Arms and scream Cobadonga!


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