Sen Triplets was my first commander deck and after seeing it on the holiday episode of Game Knights, I decided to resurrect it in a more refined state now that my collection will allow it. The deck focuses on stifling play without stopping it via asymmetrical stax effects. This is vital to the deck's success as it prevents our opponents from dumping their hand and gives us a better pool of cards to steal later. Utilizing our opponents win conditions is great but it's not always consistent. That being said, the deck has a few ways to win with its own cards. There's the Jace/Lab man + Demonic Consultation line. There's a few lock outs with Karn + Mycosynth Lattice + Sphere of Safety , teferi/lavinia + Knowledge Pool , and narset + Teferi's Puzzle Box . I just put this deck together and I am currently in the process of tuning it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to speed that up.

Edit: After numerous games against multiple play styles of commanders I found a few issues that I've since fixed. For starters we needed some way of dealing with the graveyard as they roll over us with our lack of interaction so I added a Rest in Peace . Also, upon closer inspection, I found out that cards like Propaganda don't protect karn from being attacked and don't complete the Karn+Lattice lockout. I fixed this by adding a sphere of saftey which is more expensive but more reasonable to fetch vs the creatures out there with the same effect. I've also added Windfall and Notion Thief to the deck. I played a game where I stole someone's Notion Thief out of their hand and realized how dumb of a card it is REAL quick. As for the Unsettled Mariner include, I tested it out and found people were tapping out to target my permanents or not even bothering to try due to all the stacks pieces eating up their mana. I also found out about Hesitation and added that to the deck to stall out early game. I found that the later the games went, the more commanding our position was and the win rates went up. Gonna be doing a bunch more testing this weekend but again any ideas are greatly welcomed.


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