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Modern Esper Spirits

Hey there Wizards, this is my Esper Spirits modern deck. I haven't played at FNM with it yet, as I am more of a kitchen magic player.

What cards do I need to acquire/add to get it ready for local game shops/competitions? I'd love some advice or card recommendations, comment below.


Kitchen Table: Playgroup Decks

Burn, Mill, Tokens, Rats, Humans.

FNM: Decks

Unknown at the moment.


Thanks to the comments below. I have done the following changes to the deck:

  1. Added 1 Stony Silence in the sideboard.

  2. Added 2 Leyline of the Void in the sideboard.

  3. Removed 1 Swamp from the land.

  4. Added 1 Vault of the Archangel from the land.

  5. Removed 3 Glacial Fortress from the land.

  6. Added 3 Cavern of Souls to the land.


Thanks to the comments below. I have done a little play testing, done the following changes:

  1. Removed 2 Bloodghast to the deck.

  2. Added 2 more Lingering Souls to the deck.

  3. Removed 1 Obzedat, Ghost Council, it's great at a casual game of Magic but not sure if it would be good for competitive. Maybe put in sideboard?

  4. Removed 1 Disenchant from the sideboard.

  5. Added 1 Anguished Unmaking in the sideboard.

  6. Added 1 Surgical Extraction in the sideboard.

  7. Added 1 Creeping Tar Pit to the land.

  8. Added 1 more Watery Grave to the land.

  9. Added 1 more Hallowed Fountain to the land.

  10. Removed 1 Zealous Persecution in the sideboard.

  11. Added 2 Remand for now. I will purchase 2x Logic Knot and try them once they arrive.


  1. Added Bloodghast 2x I tried 3x but didn't work as well. Bloodghast get's blocked to much, I'd rather another Lingering Souls.

  2. Added 1 Obzedat, Ghost Council for late game ownage, from testing quite good against later game burn.

  3. Added 1 Zealous Persecution for early game ramp decks, token decks, elves and so on.

  4. Added 1 Seachrome Coast for early game.

  5. Added 2 Darkslick Shores for early game Wanderer/fatal push.


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