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pie chart Guys. I'm land screwed. =(



Silly casual deck I made up as I was bored. Theme is not use any mana whatsoever and pretend I'm land screwed before redirecting shit tons of damage and winning.

Ideal start:

Reveal Chancellor of the Forge > Exile Coalition Victory to Blazing Shoal > Use Noxious Revival to draw Blazing Shoal again for first draw step > Do it again on another Coalition Victory . 21 in the face! Whee!

Shining Shoal + Palladia-Mors / Coalition Victory / Autochthon Wurm to redirect up to 8 / 10 / 15 damage. Can use Blazing Shoal to buff an attacking creature for maximum funzies.

Nourishing Shoal + Autochthon Wurm / Palladia-Mors / Coalition Victory = Emergency lifegain!

Everything else either cantrips or keeps the board under control.


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