God inspired enchantment themed deck with influences from Theros and Amonkhet blocks to keep the flavour going including the commander choice.

I had original stuck to cards from just those two blocks but having played that version of the deck, and although I enjoyed it, it felt constrained by the limitations i placed on it especially on the mana base. This version is much more versatile with good synergies and mana base that works, the devotion is also easier to manage for the Theros gods to come online but i would like to try squeeze one or two more red/blue permanents into the deck.

With fifteen gods in the deck and some of the creatures that work well being legendary, I've also been able to utilise come cards that specifically interact with legendaries such as Captain Sisay, Time of Need and Loyal Retainers. More recently Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain provides added card draw and the extra blue/red devotion i was looking for and helm of the hosts lets us push out more gods, with the copies also adding devotion.


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